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Create the best product. Be the best product. Never stop creating. Never stop improving.


Work hard, Be passionate, Be yourself, and challenge the status quo.


We all have one goal- change the world. Not just the technology world, but the world. We have big plans for various industries, and if we haven’t changed your world yet, it’s just a matter of time.

Tools of the Trade

Contingency Planning

The only way to succeed is to plan for your plans to fail, and plan for that too. Then plan for those plans to fail too, and plan for that too.


Our developers don’t ask us questions because there never are any. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. But we provide them with everything we think they could possibly need to minimize issues and questions. (Ya, we review this a lot too, but who cares at this point?)

UX/UI Design

Sketch, sketch again. Design. Design again. Polish. Polish again. Perfect. Perfect again (We review a lot, consider yourself warned.)


We do NOT review this a lot. Our developers are awesome and given such clear instructions, the code is beautiful. (At least we think it is- as we said, we don’t really review it.)

Database Design

Every database is reviewed a dozen times before it goes to developers, and is then reviewed another half dozen times. (Don’t say we didn’t warn you.)


We test. A lot. Our testers drive us nuts and we hate them for it. But we love how they drive us to perfection. If we get one more comment “the alignment of this button is off by 1 pixel,” we cannot be held responsible for what happens next. You hear that guys and gals?!?!(Seriously, at reviewing, there’s no one better.)


Every process is documented through workflows so every scenario is accounted for. By the time we’re done reviewing these, our brains hurt. (Is it getting old yet?)


The zip ties we put on our servers are the best available. (Security expert: “uuuhhhh” Us: “Shoot, you’re still here?!”) Going above and beyond industry standards, our security is top notch. Did we mention we’re PCI 1 compliant? That’s scary level security. (And we review our security measure regularly, because, duh.)