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custom development

Software Strategy

Strong commercial software is unique to its users’ original needs and intended use. We analyze your business, learn how your team functions, and conceptualize the project scope on your behalf. This ensures no essential elements are ignored, preempting unpleasant surprises with the end product.


Custom Business Software

Whether you’re a startup or a multinational corporation, CodeBlue develops powerful, truly custom software designed to make you more efficient, effective, competitive and future-proof. Trusted by the biggest names in business, we have a record for meeting deadlines and beating budgets.


Mobile App Development

Our app analysts, UX experts and skilled software engineers specialize in building both native and cross-platform apps that appeal to corporate and millennial users. From B2C applications to social platforms to enterprise solutions for road warriors, our robust apps redefine mobility and security.


UI/UX Design

Sleek. Responsive. Consistent. To deliver a user-friendly product people actually enjoy using, we focus on creating a positive user experience. Our UI/UX specialists wrap your software in beautiful, intuitive, cohesively branded interfaces that showcase your best values across devices and platforms.


Software QA & Testing

With thousands of hours in tech testing expertise, we know just how to identify software vulnerabilities and correct them for bulletproof reliability. Testing types include functional, performance, security, compatibility, configuration, integration, load and stress, and much more.


Enterprise Portals

Open new doors in real time collaboration, secure information access, hierarchical content distribution and workflow management with a totally self-contained enterprise portal. For a complete solution, we offer mobile companion apps that extend the use of your web-based portal.

Want a Ready Solution?

Our product catalog features the best custom products we recently launched. Take advantage of lower costs and take your business higher.

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Earn Generous Royalties

Turn your costs into a smart investment by having your CodeBlue-developed solution offered in our catalog. For every residual sale of your software, you’ll earn generous royalties in perpetuity.


Get Your Software Project Funded by CBV

Have a great software development idea but cannot budget the funds for it? Contact us. If you have a great idea for a new tech solution, we may be interested in funding your project as your technology partner.