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a revolutionary fraud solutions platform that is backed by the sharpest minds and most precise tools in the ecommerce industry. Business conducted online is inherently exposed to cyber thievery.

Ever since online shopping has gone mainstream, criminals have been out to snatch a chunk of the money flowing through the Internet. Our software screens, verifies and guarantees online orders.

Not only do we pull up critical information from our first-party resources, we connect with other scoring and data services to compile a three-dimensional image of the shopper on the other side of the computer screen. With this effective solution, the days of declining orders or suffering handicapped revenues due to indecision are gone.

Release Date: March 2015

In the modular closet industry visualization is integral to the sale. CodeBlue created Closet Builder v1.0 to enhance buying, selling and building experiences. This innovative cloud-based software features a functional API, enhanced GUI design, and seamless frontend and backend configurations. Carefully coded to load on all devices, the advanced but intuitive program has revolutionized how employees, contractors and customers interact with the product and each other.

Users enjoy step-by-step screen tutorials, smart options for closet layouts and accessories, pioneering 360° 3D previews, and a unique feature that allows support staff or friends to collaborate on a project. Meanwhile, employees can effortlessly manage their operation by adding/modifying products and accessories, tracking current sessions, and monitoring order histories and reports.

Release Date: November 2015

Closet Builder

modular closet building software

In the hospitality industry, a quality software product is the key to smooth operations. collaborating with leaders in hotel getaway programs, the cbv team developed a trailblazing application that transforms the typical property management system. with a backend built around event-based services, the software exhibits an advanced framework and fully compliant security solutions to protect against data breaches. it’s also designed for maximum responsiveness despite the program’s intense systems.

The instinctual pms program allows users to easily create events, generate a guest list, customize hotel layouts, book individual rooms, process payments, and insert options for dining and other add-ons. its sleek dashboard also gives an at-a-glance view of room availability, outstanding balances, and daily stats to keep operations humming. cbv’s custom promise further shines as users specify daily rates, plan dining room layouts and generate reports.

Release Date: February 2016

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